His family came from the village Exampela in Sifnos.

He was born and raised in Athens, where he graduated from Junior High School.

At first, he worked in a notary office, however he started focusing on cooking when he worked in his uncle’s restaurant. His uncle was the owner of the hotel-restaurant “Aktaion” in Neo Faliro.

He studied cooking for a year in Vienna and upon his return, he worked in different embassies.

At first, he became known for the magazine “Cookery Book” (Odigos Magirikis) that he started publishing in 1910 and which, apart from recipes, included nutrition tips, international cuisine, culinary news etc.

In 1919, he became the manager of hotel “Ermis” and the next year he left for America, where he worked in some of the most expensive restaurants of the world, while at the same time, he studied cooking, confectionery and dietetics in higher education.

He returned in Greece in 1932, founded a small cooking and baking school and released his well-known recipes book that, being the first completed cookbook, was reprinted more than fifteen times officially during the next decades.”

Influenced by the French cuisine, he modernized Greek cuisine, as due to him the Greek housewives were familiarized with béchamel sauce, piroshkies and bouillabaisse, even though there were many who translated it as a distortion of the Greek cuisine by the introduction of European elements.

Today, his name equates to cookbooks and it is also used as a humorous remark addressed to someone who cooks very well.

He passed away on March the 2nd 1958 and the next day his funeral took place at the First Cemetery of Athens.

Source: wikipedia