Mix the ground pork, the salt, the pepper and the savory. 

Heat the wine until it is slightly warm and add it to the mixture. 

Knead well.

Rinse the intestine and stuff it with the mixture. 

Cut as desired and tie it with cord.

Rinse the sausages with wine and let them dry. 

Hang them above a smoky furnace (not above fire) for 2 days. 

When this process is completed, suspend them in a cool and dark place, airy but not sunny, for 10 more days. 


6 kg ground pork (for 6-7 sausages)

about 2 meters of hog casing (pork intestine)

1 cup salt

100 gr pepper

1 cup savory

3 tablespoons allspice, coarsely ground

600 ml "black" wine (deep red wine)

some more wine to rinse the sausages