Cut the fillet to the desired size for the louza.

Wash the intestine really good and cut it (if needed) a bit longer than the louza.

With a small knife remove the nerves from the meat and let it into a bowl filled with wine for 12 hours.

Remove it from the bowl and make holes in it.

Fill the holes with garlic cloves (the number of the holes depends on the desired amount of garlic. Garlic can be omitted).

Mix all ingredients (cumin, salt, pepper, cinnamon). The cumin should be more than the other ingredients.

Cover the fillet with the seasoning mixture and put it into the intestine. Sew each side. On the one side make a noose in order to suspend the louza.

Cover the intestine with the seasoning mixture. Put the louza somewhere in order to drain, underneath a heavy object.

The next day suspend it from a cane in a cool and dark place, airy but not sunny.


1 kg pork fillet 

1 hog casing (pork intestine) a bit longer than the fillet

1 kg red wine

4 - 5 garlic cloves

3 cups cumin 

2 cups salt

1/2 cup pepper


cord and a thick needle