Prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients together. Knead until the dough becomes soft and smooth. Cover the dough with a cling film or a moist towel and leave it to rest for 30 minutes.
Boil the meat with the onions (and leeks) in a pan. When it is ready cut the meat in pieces, smash the onions and put it back again to boil with some of the liquid. Add the rice, the oil, salt and pepper and let it reduce.
Roll out the dough in phyllo sheets sprinkling with flour to prevent sticking and lay 6 in the baking pan spreading oil in between each sheet.
Spread the stuffing, cover it with 5 more phyllo sheets and fold the excess dough edges towards the inside.
Cut, pour oil and bake at 180oC for an hour or until the dough becomes crisp and golden brown.


2 kilos of male goat meat
1 kilo onions and/or leeks
1 small cup white rice
olive oil, salt, pepper

Dough sheets (phyllo)

700gr flour
1 soup spoon vinegar
1 soup spoon olive oil
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon salt