In a lacquer (old copper vessel) with fire trivet  and charcoal or alternatively in a deep pot, we pour the tallow meat with the glass of water, and stir gently until the water is saved and the fat is melted completely. When the fat melts then the meat will rub and we will have the so-called tsigarides . There we understand that the meat is ready and then we must incorporate our vegetables. Chop the vegetables and put them in the pot until the water is completely boil off. After they have withered , we add salt , pepper and serve with lemon, casiu ( Greek feta cheese)  and pane (kneaded bread).



• 2kg of pork meat with tallow  (80% tallow & 20% lean ) without bones.

• 2 kg of leeks

• 250 ml water

• Salt

• Red pepper

• Lemon for serving