Boil for a few minutes raki, sugar and honey in a cooking pot.
In another cooking pot, add a glass of water, cloves and cinnamon barks and boil for long.
Strain the spices, add them into the raki and boil for a few minutes.
Some people add a shot of cognac. When cold, put the raki in glass bottles and add cinnamon barks in every bottle.
The dosage depends on the liking, i.e.stronger, lighter, sweeter etc.
When tasting raki in Amorgos, we usually say… mmm, it should be more sharp or the opposite…
Good luck and cheers!!!

Amorgos is the only place producing psimeni raki. It is offered either as an appetizer or as a digestive and mostly as a treat during fests and gatherings.
Psimeni raki is very interesting, as its spicing flavors and sweetness leads quickly to dizziness and gaiety. The impact of the alcohol is multiplied as it is combined with plenty of glucose.
Lots of people confuse it with rakomelo (raki and honey). However, psimeni raki , although having similar ingredients, is totally different. It is a sort of local homemade beverage.
It is offered by the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa and by every house of the island.


1kg raki
1 glass honey
½ glass sugar
2-3 cinnamon barks
10 cloves