Remove the nutshell of the walnuts. With a rolling pin smash them in semi-large pieces.
Mix the rusk with the semi-large pieces of walnuts. In a tall cooking pot add honey and sugar in moderate heat.
Keep stirring with a wooden ladle until the honey thickens.
(The honey thickens 5-7 minutes after boiling starts).
Remove from heat and wait until the boiling stops. Add walnut and stir well. Sprinkle rosewater on a clean smooth surface (i.e. on the kitchen counter) and lay some sesame on it.
Pour the content of the cooking pot and stretch it to form a smooth surface, almost 1,5 cm thick. Sprinkle with rosewater and flatten it with your hand.
Sprinkle with the rest of the sesame. When cold score it in cone pieces.
Serve on lemon tree leaves.


½ kg walnut
1+1/2 kg honey
1 glass sugar
Rusk (1 small bag)
½ kg natural sesame seeds