Soak the chickpeas in water overnight.In the morning add soda and let them soak for another half an hour.
Then rince the soda off the the chickpeas the with plenty of water (3-4 times) and put them in the special vessel(pot with lid) for this recipe called ”Skepastaria” and then add the chopped, onion, oil, salt, pepper and water.
The water we add has to reach up to the edge of the opening of the tilted pot but covering the chickpeas at the same time. We put the lid on* and the we put the pot in the wood fired oven and let it cook for circa 6 hours.
For maximum results water from the rainwater reservoirs, that most of the houses on Sifnos have, is used, because of it low concentration in salt.
Bottled mineral water can be used instead of rainwater and since a wood fired over is difficult to come across in many places 6 hours at 150 degrees in an electric stove will do the job quite well.

*(Some seal the lid with dough).


chickpeas: 1Kg
baking soda: 1big spoonful
olive oil: 3/4 of a glass
salt, peper, water, lemon (when served)