Put l the fl our in a bowl, add olive oil, lemon and water till you have a firm dough. Split the dough into balls the size of an orange.
Roll the dough out into very thin pastry and then cut the pastry into 10x20 cm strips and dredge with corn fl our. Heat the oil in a pan and then roll each stripe into a ”xerotigano” with the help of two forks. Fry all sides and then place them on kitchen paper to absorb the excessive oil.
Syrup: Put all the ingredients for the syrup in a cooking pot and let it boil till it becomes a slow running fl uid.
Put the “xerotigana” in a platter, pour the syrup and sprinkle with nuts and sesame.


Ingredients for 40 to 50 pieces

  • plain fl our - 500gr
  • lemon juice - half a tea cup
  • olive oil - half a tea cup
  • raki (cretan spirit) - half a tea cup
  • water
  • olive oil - three a tea cups to use for frying.
  • walnuts (fi ne cut)
  • sesame
  • cinnamon

Ingredients for the syrup

  • sugar - three tea cups
  • water - half a glass
  • honey – three spoonfulls